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Parameterized Packages: The Project Completion Update

September 18, 2023

This post is a small completion update for my GSoC project on adding Parameterized Packages to GNU Guix. You can find the source code for the same on the main notabug repository or on the github mirror. This post is broken into two parts; the first is a simple overview of the uses of parameters and the second answers some commonly asked questions.

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Parameterized Packages: The Second Update

August 03, 2023

This is the third entry in my series of blog posts about adding Parameterized Packages to GNU Guix for my Google Summer of Code project. Parameterization here refers to making it possible for packages to be built with compile-time options, and I have gone over the reasons and benefits for doing so in detail in the first post about Parameterized Packages.

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Parameterized Packages: An Update

June 22, 2023

I started work on adding Parameterized Packages to GNU Guix 3 weeks ago, and this post is a short status update on the things I've done so far.

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Running a Patched DWM on GNU Guix

June 12, 2023

If like me you use a lot of patches with dwm, you probably use dwm-flexipatch for configuring dwm. You probably also have an existing build of dwm with a lot of customizations in config.def.h. Research online might lead you to the conclusion that you need to set up a git repository and a guix channel with your dwm folder to make it work, but that's not necessary at all. In this post I'll go over how I got my dwm-flexipatch build to work on GNU Guix without any of that.

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An Introduction to Parameterized Packages

May 09, 2023

I will be working on bringing Parameterized Packages to GNU Guix this summer as a part of the Google Summer of Code program under the mentorship of Pjotr Prins and Gábor Boskovits. This post will go over the basic ideas behind Parameterized Packages, their benefits and how I am planning on implementing them.

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The First Week of January 2023

January 10, 2023

I decided to start writing a blog to talk about my ventures in programming and system administration to document my progress and motivate me to do more. This entry covers what I did in the first week of January, 2023.

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